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It's seven o'clock and "El Textil" pub in Palermo neighbourhood is full but not because happy hour time. Instead of business people drinking beer, there are dozens of children negotiating FIFA album stickers with adults, grown-ups sticking their stickers and hundreds of hands moving everywhere while counting or crossing out numbers in their hand-written lists.

The World Cup album fever is making people of all generations gather enthusiastically like in a break at school, aiming to find swap-partners to complete their album.

"I was surprised that the adults collect stickers. I thought that only the children did it", says seven-year-old Melillo.

It all began when a group of friends thought that, instead of pushing their little relatives to exchange their doubles at school, they could create an environment where people of all ages could swap without looking childish.

"We kind of used our nephews, our cousins who go to school but the situation was a little uncomfortable. Then we thought, "ok, let's try to do it in the brewery", says Federico Romano, owner of "El Textil" pub.

For some of the collectors, exchanging the stickers is not just a game and it does matter if they complete the album or not. Franco Perazza is a 20-year-old student who got 80 new stickers during the past two hours. For him, this filling the album is a family tradition that has to be done.

"My dad, when he was young, collected all the World Cups albums and he completed them all. When I was born, he bought all the albums to me and I started collecting stickers. So, now I continue collecting and I know that I am going to do it with all the World Cups because I have the albums from Spain 1982 until now, all full", says Perazza.

There are some stickers already famous for being the most wanted ones. Such as Lionel Messi's. Nine-year-old Gael Balmaceda came to swap his stickers and exchanged eight stickers for the one of his greatest idol.

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