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SNTV talked on Tuesday (8th May) to former Egypt international Hany Ramzy, who coached Liverpool star Mohamed Salah when in charge of Egypt's under-23s team.

"I think he, make(s) history for (an) Egyptian player and this is very important, also that all the world can see that Egypt (has) talent, and about (the) question if it is better for Salah to stay at Liverpool or transfer himself to another league, I think all the media (are) talking about Real Madrid or Barcelona. For me, Salah is ready to make this step. For him, it's time. It's (the) right time to transfer or to go to Real Madrid, especially because I think Real Madrid, (the) way they play... (it could) be a very, very good transfer for Salah, because he make(s) everything this season with Liverpool. He was (their) best player, he was the top scorer and if he wait(s) until next year maybe he has not the chance (to move). Maybe he loses his level, maybe he has an injury, (we hope not). But I think (at) the moment, Salah he can go to Real Madrid or Barcelona maybe, but I see him (being more comfortable at Real Madrid)."

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