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Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino speaks ahead of the game against Newcastle United on Wednesday (9th May) and says he knows how important it is for Spurs to finish in the top four.

"Of course you want to win every single game. But it's true that during the season, during 10 months of competition it's so difficult to keep the same level, for different reasons. But of course, now it's not about tactics, it's not about one or another name on the team or starting eleven. I think today is more to be focused like a team, like a club, trying to win the last two games and to be sure we're in the top four because it's in our hands. I think I'm sure that everyone from the beginning of the season should be fine to be in this situation at the end of the season, fighting for the top four. And of course, disappointed because of the last game, of course. Disappointed because we lost the semi-final against Manchester United, of course. Or disappointed in the Champions League against Juventus. But we are there, we are there competing. We are there trying to succeed, pushing hard, working hard. And I think to be now in four days to have the option, or in your hands to be third, I think is the ideal situation for us. We need to ensure that. And we need to be focused now and try to win. That's it."

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